Book Review: Bend Your Brain

Bend Your Brain by The Minds Behind Marbles: The Brain Store (you have to go to the very last page of the book for information about the actual authors).

This book is a fine volume of entertaining and somewhat challenging collection of brain teasers.  The puzzles are divided into the following sections:

  • Visual Perception: Puzzles in this section combine pictures and words to test your abilities. Visual perception allows you to see images as a whole rather than broken down into visual elements. Helps with visual memory, peripheral vision, and focusing divided attention.
  • Word Skills: Word Skills exercises engage all your senses to help you learn new words and see patterns in word scrambles, word searches, and crosswords with a Marbles twist. Improve your vocabulary, stimulate your creativity, and make it easier to learn new languages!
  • Critical Thinking: Strengthens neural pathways in the brain that help you plan, take action, problem solve, and learn from and correct your mistakes. Brainteasers in this section build up readers’ reasoning and analysis skills.
  • Coordination: In this section, puzzles will strengthen your balance, rhythm and spatial orientation. By stimulating and strengthening your brain, you increase your reasoning and judgment.
  • Memory: Puzzles in the memory section play off the various stimuli we encounter every day (maps, keyboards, logos) and test how much we can actually recall. By improving your memory and your ability to learn information, you can improve your focus and attention rate.

The puzzles are appealing to many different levels and ages, and there is something for everyone in the book.

Positives: I very much enjoyed the layout of the book and the actual construction is appealing; it feels good in your hands.

Negatives:I can’t help but feel that this book exists solely as a large advertisement for the Marbles Brain stores…

Disclaimer: – I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.